Project Controls & Project Management

Project controls provide the capability to reveal trends toward cost overrun and/or schedule slippage. Identifying those trends early is a major factor in ensuring successful project management and reducing risk. This is particularly important as projects become increasingly more complex and demanding.

Project planning provides the basis of effective project control, producing network-based CPM schedules, network calculations, resource scheduling, forecasting and ‘what if’ testing. Project control emphasises goals, the flow of information, time and cost control, and change and risk management.

Project success comes from predicting and managing change and minimising risk by using the right expertise, procedures, tools and techniques. We provide a range of Project Control Services that support the project management function through each stage of the project process, from inception to handover. We provide planning, resource and cost modeling services and utilise the Earned Value (EV) approach for examining cost data in the context of detailed schedule information and key milestones.

Planning, resource, risk and change control functions are dependent on the ability of the overall Project Control system to provide accurate project information and progress data as and when required. Critical Path can work within your selected control processes and systems or can help develop and implement controls strategies from the outset. Either way, we ensure the system is able to provide the required data in the correct format by ensuring effective communication interfaces and data coding structures are in place.

Rigorous project planning is crucial to the effective monitoring and control of projects and to their timely delivery. Yet, largely due to resource shortfalls within both the engineering and construction sectors, design and construction programmes are often not planned, resourced or updated to the levels of detail desired by project managers or required to effectively manage and control projects. In addition, they are often not fully supported with verifiable progress information required for accurate monitoring and mitigation.

We provide project planning services to help you plan projects from the outset. Our team can work with your project planners and managers, offering assistance and additional input into your planning function, as and when required.

Our programmes are comprehensive and can incorporate detailed resource and cost information. This enables the basis of an overall project control system to be established.

We also provide an independent planning and programme monitoring service to clients who require an objective view on a particular projects progress and performance.

Project Management is a crucial discipline that is used to make sure that everything goes like clockwork during a big project. If just one element doesn’t happen as expected, or at its allocated time in a sequence there could be a massive knock-on effect. This has the potential to throw the whole project out of synch, which could ultimately mean a handover doesn’t occur on time; or a project is finished behind deadline possibly over budget; incurring loss of reputation, financial penalties and diminished likelihood of receiving similar packages of work in the future.

We are dedicated to providing service excellence, and as such dedicate Project Managers to our client’s key projects. We work with the team from conception to completion - in a variety of situations: for example, as the key point of contact when planning shutdowns, project setup, events, mobilisations and handovers.

The Project Managers establish an agreed Plan, highlighting the various timeframes key milestones are to be achieved by, along with any risks, agreed escalation points and procedures should elements of the plan start to go awry.

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